Our customer, EVCO Plastics, received the Plastic News 2015 “Processor of the Year Award.” While it’s nice that four of our customers have received well-deserved awards, all of our clients are winners—they’re profiting from PlantStar’s production and process monitoring systems. PlantStar has scalable solutions that fit every budget in every industry, including automotive, die casting, home products, medical, packaging, pet products, plastics and rubber, and stamping.

The following is a complete list of PlantStar’s award-winning customers:

EVCO Plastics
• 2015 Plastic News “Processor of the Year”
• 2014 Plastic News “Excellence Award for Industry/Public Service

Innovation Injection Technologies Inc. (i2tech)
2007 Plastics News “Process of the Year”

1998 Plastics Technology Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Leaders Award

Bamar Plastics
1997 Plastics Technology Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Leaders Award