McPherson Plastics Uses PlantStar to Manage Growth


McPherson Plastics is a custom injection molding company located in Michigan that specializes in high-precision products and tooling designs for automotive, medical, and electronic industries.

 Executive Summary

McPherson implemented PlantStar to track production to better manage machine uptime. While completing machine additions and continued orders from customers, McPherson Plastics used PlantStar to maintain profitability.


The Challenge

McPherson Plastics was poised for growth but needed to address lack of visibility of production cycles and automatically collect data to understand the impact of new tooling and equipment. Also, the shop floor was being reorganized due to new investments as the company looked to pursue new markets. The management team needed a manufacturing execution system that would give accurate insight into cost and efficiency while remaining flexible during considerable organizational changes.



Uptime while increasing number of machines

Stronger customer relationships

Customer since

Confidence to pursue new markets


McPherson Plastics implemented the Panorama® monitoring system by PlantStar in 1993 for their 16 machines and quickly began to gain control over their production cycles. For example, they immediately identified and repaired numerous sticking valves that were causing poor machine efficiency and scrap. In 1995, when they added 16 machines, the PlantStar system helped manage this growth. McPherson Plastics met customer schedules and achieved 88% uptime while moving equipment and testing new molds.

 Over the years, the McPherson Plastics’ team has taken advantage of Panorama® to realize added benefits. In addition to alerting for machine downtime, the Voice Output Paging feature is used as a helpful reminder for Supervisors to let relief machine operators know they need to get to their machines before the shift change.

 The McPherson Plastics’ operations team shares accurate and easy-to-understand data with their sales department, so they can see the true costs of their production runs. This production data helps the sales department accurately quote and get new jobs—prospective customers appreciate that McPherson Plastics is using technology to make the company more quality conscious, more productive, and more price competitive.

“With the ability to deeply analyze and fully understand our molding costs and production performance, we are highly confident when approaching new customers and even whole new markets. We can show in great detail what it takes to bring a new product to market. New customers gain confidence in us immediately when they see real-world data to support our pricing and recommended launch strategy. The ability to diversify and expand our client base is a tremendous asset.”

Tom Haydon

Engineering Manager, McPherson Plastics


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