Portable Pyrometers

TS1 Handheld

TS1 Portable Pyrometer

The TS1 Handheld is sturdy, accurate, easy to use, portable and dependable, making it the ideal molten metal temperature measuring instrument for ferrous foundries and steel plants. This instrument incorporates proven technology from SYSCON International—the first manufacturer of molten metal digital temperature measurement instruments. Since 1975, SYSCON’s products have been used throughout the United States and Asia.

The benefits of pyrometer from SYSCON Sensors include:

  •  Cost savings by purchasing from the manufacturer
  •  Application knowledge and support directly from the manufacturer
  •  Compatible with all molten-metal sensors
  •  Products are supported by SYSCON’s calibration and service center
  •  Spare parts for instruments and Lance hardware are available for quick shipping
  •  Robust construction including stainless steel lances, heavy-duty contact block, upgraded charger and the latest and most reliable electronics