SYSCON International, headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, has specialized in temperature sensors and manufacturing control solutions since 1969. For nearly 50 years we have continually innovated data acquisition capabilities rooted in powerful and cost-effective hardware paired with highly configurable software. We provide powerful data acquisition solutions and services which connect to machines and equipment and convert signals to data, data to insight, and insight to improved profitability. Our customers, ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, are located in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and China.

SYSCON International Divisions

The manufacturing execution system (MES), PlantStar, is a comprehensive solution that supports all shop floor activities in real-time. This system combines production, personnel, and quality assurance to reduce downtime, boost labor productivity, and quality.

SYSCON Sensors™ is the newest division of SYSCON International. SYSCON Sensors builds and exclusively distributes digital molten metal temperature-measuring instruments in partnership with Hickman Williams & Co.

News & Updates

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SYSCON-PlantStar Partners with Axiomtek in Asia

South Bend, Indiana – August 16, 2016. SYSCON-PlantStar—a real-time machine data acquisition systems provider—is forming a partnership with Axiomtek to support PlantStar’s U.S.-based customers with manufacturing facilities in Asia. The alliance is an extension of an...

Charles Stitt is New OEE Technical Advisor at SYSCON-PlantStar

South Bend, Indiana – March 31, 2016. Charles Stitt has joined SYSCON-PlantStar as their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Technical Advisor. Mr. Stitt oversees the installation of PlantStar’s suite of real-time production and process monitoring systems. In fact,...

Winners Use PlantStar

Our customer, EVCO Plastics, received the Plastic News 2015 “Processor of the Year Award.” While it’s nice that four of our customers have received well-deserved awards, all of our clients are winners—they’re profiting from PlantStar’s production and process...

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