Manufacturing Execution System

Be Prepared for IIOT

PlantStar is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for every size of operation—across the planet our customers manage their machines and teams using fresh data.

PlantStar’s MES delivers these solutions:

  • Plant Performance – Proactive quality management and improved equipment and plant performance begin with accurate real-time information from real-time scheduling, OEE reporting, up-to-the minute production reporting and alarming to potential production problems.
  • Scalability – Our progressive suite of products fit any budget and will meet your needs as your company grows.
  • Process Efficiencies – We’ll help you achieve defect prevention, not defect detection.  We accomplish this by tracking, recording and analyzing critical variables in real time.
  • Communication – Our solutions provide setup, quality, maintenance and operational documents where the operator needs them—on the machine.
  • Productivity –  Lean manufacturing requires reducing lead time, decreasing scrap, eliminating downtime and maintaining accurate inventories while developing better margins, and creating greater value for your customers and a greater competitive advantage for your company.

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