Mission Statement:

Making a difference for PEOPLE in manufacturing”

Company History

At 12 years old, Townsend “Tom” Thomas, the founder of SYSCON International, began experimenting with electronics. No radio, TV, or appliance was exempt from his discovery of how the electronic things around him worked. In fact, he began repairing electronics in his bedroom for his customers before he could legally drive. As a child who lived through both the Great Depression and World War II, a passion to build things despite limited resources was a natural response to his environment. By the age of 18, Tom started a TV and radio repair shop, allowing him to do what he was born to do: engineer solutions.

 In 1950, when the conflict in Korea demanded action, Tom was among the men and women called to serve. Closing his repair shop was a necessary sacrifice as Tom gave two years of his life to stand up for freedom and a safe world. These are the values that he and the love his life, Margaret, wanted to promote in their family and community. After the war, Tom built his experience working for several industrial controls companies before moving to South Bend, Indiana where Wells Electronics hired the young veteran engineer. In 1974, Wells Electronics decided to sell a small subsidiary, SYSCON International, and Tom seized the opportunity and purchased it in 1974.

Multiple Lines of Business

SYSCON International has four business units, each delivering manufacturing solutions. Microscreen, established in 1980 and became a standalone entity as of 2001, manufactures thick film screens for stainless steel printing on hybrid circuits. AJAY SYSCON, established in 1986, is an international joint venture focused on molten metal production analysis in Asia. SYSCON PlantStar, established in 1976, provides a solution that collects and displays production data from job creation to job completion. SYSCON Sensors was established in 2015 and produces digital molten metal temperature-measuring sensors and instruments for foundries and steel plants in the United States. Replicating the way Tom lives his life — SYSCON International is fixated on finding a way to solve the problems of its customers.